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  • Did You Have Drinks With Dinner?

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    For most of us, this occurs after a dinner at a local restaurant or perhaps after a holiday gathering.  For others, it’s a child at college, driving after drinking with friends. 


    Most drivers will never face any sort of legal or medical predicament.  However, for those individuals who do find themselves with red and blue flashing lights behind them and ...

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  • Freedom to Live

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    Freedom to Live:  Dignity in the World of Special Needs featuring Rachel Simon will be held Sunday, October 14, 2012, at the Zembo Shrine, 2801 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg. 

    Rachel Simon is the award-winning author of six books and a nationally-recognized public speaker on issues related to diversity and disability. Her titles include the bestsellers, The Story of Beautiful Girl...

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  • Immigration Law Update

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    Immunity for Younger Immigrants:  The Facts

    Effective immediately, certain young people who were brought to the United States through no fault of their own as young children, do not present a risk to national security or public safety, and meet several key criteria will be considered for relief from deportation or from entering into deportation proceedings.  Those who can demonstrate...

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  • Charitable Estate Planning

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    It’s never too late to include a charitable contribution to your favorite charitable organization even if you already have a Will.  A simple Codicil to your Will can be prepared by an attorney to make your gift effective upon your death.  A Codicil does not revoke your Will, but can add to, change or subtract from your existing Will. 


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  • The American Dream Found in the Rubble

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    Her name is Margaray and she is a native of Haiti.  She lived near the town of Port-au-Prince with her three children – Philippe, Michaelle and Hans.  Her husband was deceased and she was doing her best to raise her sons alone.  Margaray lived in a small, run-down, ramshackle home in an area that by many accounts could be considered ...

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  • Florida Enacts New POA Act

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    The recently enacted Florida Power of Attorney Act (the “New Act”) is getting a lot of  attention both in Florida and nationwide because of the number of transitional residents who reside in Florida for part of the year.  These individuals will often have a Power of Attorney (“POA”) drafted to comply with Florida law in the event they might need ...

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  • Contract Litigation Insurance: A Confidence Booster

    Litigation has no certainty but uncertainty.  From the strategies of your opponent, to the ultimate outcome, the process of litigation is laden with events and decisions over which the participants may have little or no control, and as such the outcome cannot be accurately predicted.  


    Even the costs and amount of attorney fees to be expended cannot be estimated ...

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  • Living the American Dream 2012

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    Meet Sammy, a young man who believes he is living the American Dream.   Sammy is in his early thirties, works as a cook at a local diner, and lives in a small apartment.  This is not your typical America Dream scenario, but Sammy was born in Burma.  Burma was and remains a country with no government in the traditional sense.  ...

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  • Keeping the Peace -- Even After You Are Gone!

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    It’s all fun and games until someone loses his/her inheritance.  Keeping the family peace after you are gone can be much easier when you pre-plan and communicate with your loved ones while you are still alive.  Many people choose to treat their children or possibly other family members unequally and generally have very sound reasons for this decision.  However, such ...

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  • American Dream: Ted Adler 2012 Part II

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    Over the last few weeks, I have spoken to quite a few of our clients, most of whom have asked me a variation of the following questions:  What do you think 2012 will be like?  Will it be better than 2011?  I have invariably answered that 2012 will be better. 


    The question that almost always follows is:  How do ...

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