Reager & Adler Services Collections and Workouts

Identify your needs and consider your circumstance:

  • Recovery of commercial and consumer debts and receivables
  • Representation of secured and unsecured creditors in corporate and real estate-related bankruptcies, troubled real estate financing arrangements, foreclosures, workouts, and business bankruptcies and reorganizations

For businesses, individuals, and financial institutions seeking recovery of debts and receivables, Reager & Adler can help determine and interpret the strength of underlying contracts, the benefits and risks of pursuing all available remedies, the application of valid law, and the willingness of both parties to negotiate and compromise. We move quickly to resolve cases by securing the greatest possible return and value for our clients. When the situation warrants it, contact Reager & Adler for effective resolution.

Select a proven resource:

We take a counselor’s approach to debt recovery and use our experience to ask questions that will peel back the layers of the onion. All probabilities that can impact the successful pursuit of the claim are factored into our case analysis. If full-blown aggressive litigation is appropriate, we are prepared to litigate. If we determine after assessing business priorities, values, and the nature of the dispute that a negotiated settlement, mediation or arbitration would best serve our client, we pursue these avenues. Ultimately we determine the value of the claim to our client so that the best net settlement or result can be achieved. —Tom Williams

How can Reager & Adler strengthen your position?

Control of Client Risk

Each case is managed using a detailed and systematic process fully supervised by attorneys. Cases are thoroughly researched to provide an accurate case appraisal. We develop and recommend the installation of comprehensive loss prevention strategies.

Value-driven Fee Options

We believe in maximizing recovery that focuses both on the best potential settlement and efficient use of mediation, arbitration, and litigation when appropriate.

A Dual Perspective: Attorneys That Think like Business Owners

In all cases we take a reasoned, consultative approach and are very sensitive to the importance of ongoing business relationships, which many of our clients wish to preserve even when faced with serious disputes.

Experience and Expertise

Reager & Adler has a 30-year track record of delivering quantifiable results.

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