Reager & Adler Services Life Plan Portfolio

Take advantage of systematic, proactive life planning

Are you without:

  • a will
  • a power of attorney
  • a living will
  • a trust

Have you:

  • reviewed important documents
  • reviewed your current beneficiaries
  • married or remarried
  • adopted a child
  • moved from out of state
  • received an inheritance

Do you:

  • have minor children
  • own a business
  • own property outside of Pennsylvania

Reager & Adler’s Life Plan Portfolio (LPP) is our platform for systematically addressing major events in our clients’ lives. Examples of these events include marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, retirement, and the creation or sale of a business. To us, these major life events are the triggers or signals that initiate decisive review and planning. We believe that proactive planning as a reaction to or in preparation for a major life event is the key to the legal and financial well-being of our clients, their families and business associates. Reager & Adler’s attorneys are ready to address your specific concerns, to help you plan for the present, and to offer guidance in anticipating the future. Contact us today to open your Life Plan Portfolio.

age 20–35 Building

The tools you need to build a solid legal and financial foundation for your life.

  • Home Purchase/Title Insurance
  • Marriages and Unions
  • Providing for Children
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Protecting the Family Home
  • Business Formation and Contracts
  • Investments
  • Job Security and Business Development

age 30–50 Protecting

The tools you need to ensure your loved ones are protected in the years ahead.

  • Home Purchase/Refinance/Title Insurance
  • Estate and Lifetime Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Protecting the Family Home
  • Change in Family Structure—Adoption/Remarriage/Divorce
  • Business Formation and Contracts
  • Career Changes
  • Preparation for the Unexpected—Loss of Spouse or Job
  • Disability and Special Needs Planning
  • Caring for Aging Parents

age 45–65 Balancing

The tools you need to understand and balance the changes impacting your evolving family.

  • Change in Family Structure: Managing the transition of children into independent young adults and the increasing dependence of aging parents
  • Retirement Advice and Planning
  • Healthcare Planning Options
  • Planning for Inheritance
  • Advanced Estate/Lifetime/Tax Planning
  • Funding Gifts and the Education of Children
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Second Home Purchases/Refinance/Title Insurance
  • Disability and Special Needs Planning

age 60 & up Transitioning

The tools you need to maximize your resources and confidently transition from work into retirement.

  • Income Needs
    • Financial and Social Support
    • Networks and Program Benefits
  • Long-Term Healthcare Planning
  • Selecting and Advising Fiduciaries and Caretakers
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Family Care Contracts and At-Home Independence
  • Nursing Home Selection and Review
  • Disability Claims
  • Estate Recovery
  • Managing Cognitive Decline
  • Protection from Abuse
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