Reager & Adler Services Land Use and Zoning

We aid both developers and individuals in...

  • Securing zoning permits, variances, special exceptions, and conditional uses
  • Identifying whether the land use or lot is non-conforming
  • Interpretation of a zoning officer’s determination
  • Representation before zoning hearing boards, planning commissions, townships, boroughs, state and federal agencies, and state and federal courts.
  • Subdividing or developing land

The land use attorneys of Reager & Adler offer advice and assistance to private landowners, developers, lenders, and prospective purchasers on securing the necessary federal, state, and local government approvals for projects, including appeals through the court systems. Our land use attorneys are experienced litigators with a wide range of successful appearances before local zoning boards, state administrative agencies and appeal boards, county courts throughout the Commonwealth, and the Pennsylvania appellate courts. We welcome your inquiry regarding any land use concerns.

Select a proven resource

We expertly assist our clients with all phases of commercial and residential development, specifically as the development relates to zoning and subdivision issues. We also prepare and review easements, provide advice as to boundary disputes, and have expertise in public and private road matters. Our 30-year experience and familiarity with officials and municipalities is a real asset to clients. —Linus Fenicle

Why work with Reager & Adler's Land Use and Zoning Group?

Collaborative Focus

Real Estate and Litigation practice areas stand ready to handle case-specific contingencies.

Value-driven Fee Options

Our experience representing developers and individuals allows us to more efficiently manage time and deliver competitive pricing. Utilization of hourly, flat fee, and/or blended pricing helps to control legal fees.

Experience and Expertise

Reager & Adler has accumulated more than a quarter century of experience helping private landowners, developers, lenders, and prospective purchasers to implement their goals in compliance with community goals and regulations. A licensed engineer/attorney compliments our Land Use team.

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