Reager & Adler Services Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Regulatory and Transaction Law

Our attorneys understand and have experience with the complex and ever-changing regulations impacting the transportation industry, and provide services in the following areas.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Pennsylvania Intrastate Motor Carrier Safety Requirements
  • Driver qualification and hiring
  • Hours of service regulations, audits and violations
  • Independent owner operator vs. employee driver issues
  • Permitting and permit violations
  • Safety compliance and safety audits
  • Independent owner operator agreements
  • Equipment lease and purchase agreements
  • Facility lease and purchase agreements
  • Labor and employment issues

Our knowledge and understanding of the regulatory and transactional issues impacting the transportation industry proves valuable when disputes arise but, more importantly, our services in these areas can help our clients avoid the dangers associated with regulation non-compliance and agreements with unfavorable contractual terms. For our transportation clients looking to grow their business, our real estate, land use and zoning, municipal law, and construction law groups are available to assist with the legal issues associated with purchasing or leasing commercial property, and building new facilities.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Claims

  • Personal injury and wrongful death defense
  • Motor vehicle accident investigations
  • Pre-litigation advice and counsel to claims professionals
  • Cargo and property damage claims
  • Carrier/shipper/broker disputes
  • Traffic citations and permit violations
  • Record retention and evidence preservation
  • Recovery of unlawfully seized equipment

ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS: If your company or insured has been involved in an accident that warrants retention of counsel to protect work product and attorney-client privileges, and the interests of the driver and company, we are available to assist 24/7 by calling (717) 385-9636.

Experience that can only come from handling the investigation and defense of hundreds of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles provides our clients with a strategic advantage when it comes to advancing their interests in claims and lawsuits. Our evaluation of each assignment begins with a thorough analysis of the issues impacting liability and damages. We then work with our clients to formulate a strategy to reach a practical resolution of every matter. Whether the claim warrants pre-litigation settlement discussions, mediation, or an aggressive defense through trial, our litigators have the experience to meet those needs.

Why choose Reager & Adler for construction law and civil litigation?

Experience and Expertise

Reager & Adler has a 30-year track record of delivering quantifiable results.

Collaborative Focus

We are experienced in complex construction claims involving contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and surety companies. This experience allows us a working advantage: We know the process and we know the players. Other Reager & Adler practice area specialists can be counted on to assist with case-specific contingencies.

Control of Client Risk

Ted Adler, a founding partner of Reager & Adler, supervises all litigation. Our approach to litigation pursues a complete and reasoned case analysis—is there a case or not? We offer clients a candid assessment that qualifies the right solution versus the fair solution.

Value-driven Fee Options

Each case receives a thorough cost benefit analysis that emphasizes the right call—settle or litigate. Our goal is to achieve the best net results for the client.

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